TV5 posts wins vs GMA during weekends, gains ground among young viewers in Metro davao!

Metro Davao is one of the most vital and viewer-rich metro cities in the country with over 850,000 potential viewers inhabiting. Therefore, it is no wonder why TV5 takes its numbers victory seriously. From January to February this year, TV5 took the number two spot from GMA in the all-day (2am to 2am) weekend ratings with 22.1% audience share, six points higher than GMA’s 16.3%. This is consistent with TV5’s impressive performance in the last quarter of 2012 as Nielsen TV Audience Measurement’s all-week data showed that TV5 ended at 20% audience share, largely gaining from the continuously-eroding GMA viewership in the area.


TV5 has also proven to be the network-of-choice among Metro Davao’s youth during daytime weekends according to Nielsen Media TAM, Arianna. During the first two weeks of the year, TV5 posted 6.1% AMR among kids and teens which beat GMA’s 2.7%. Putting these numbers into context, kids (aged 2-12) and teens (aged 13-19) comprise 34.4% and 12.2% of Metro Davao’s daytime viewership on weekends.

In the same period, the Kapatid Network also got ahead of GMA during the weekend primetime (6PM to 10PM) slot among kids (7.1% AMR), male adults aged 40 years old and above (9.1% AMR) and housewives (7.9% AMR). Collectively, the first two viewer segments comprise 49% of Davao’s weekend primetime viewership, while housewives make up 24.6%.

Kidlat is proven another hit in Metro Davao as far as its two-month performance is concerned. From January to February, the Derek Ramsay-starrer has beaten at least six Kapuso primetime programs including Temptation of Wife, 24 Oras, Indio, Paroa: Ang Kwento ni Mariposa, Forever and Pahiram ng Sandali.

On the other hand, TV5’s news programs have proven to be at par with those of GMA during weekdays but more viewers are tuned in to the Kapatid newscast during weekends. From January 1 to March 2 of this year, Aksyon posted 4% AMR—the same as that of GMA’s 24 Oras. The same goes for TV5 Davao’s local news alerts Aksyon Alerto, which posted the same 4% AMR as GMA’s Flash Bulletin. However, over 35,000 absolute viewers tuned in to Aksyon Weekend to beat 24 Oras Weekend’s 23,557 during the same period.

The Kapatid Network’s year-on-year performance in Metro Davao on weekends is also something to be ‘Happy’ about, as it is consistent with TV5’s sustained growth. TV5’s audience shares in the area grew from 22.2% SHR in the first quarter of 2012 to 26.3% from January 1 to March 2 this year. On the other hand, GMA’s audience shares declined from 24.4% SHR during Q1 2012 to 17.0% from January 1 to March 2 of this year.

TV5 invades Davao in ‘Sugod Mga Kapatid sa Araw ng Dabaw’!

Summer inDavaowill heat up as Kapatid stars paint the town red to celebrate Araw ng Dabaw with TV5’s  exciting ‘Sugod Mga Kapatid’ activities.


On Friday, March 16, TV5 starts the day right with the live airing of Good Morning Club straight fromDavao, with hosts Amy Perez, Chiqui Roa-Puno and Tintin Bersola-Babao sharing highlights on the Parada Dabawenyo as well as special Araw ng Dabaw updates.


Starting at2:00 p.m., Dabawenyos can head off to theRizal Parkto and catch the special TV marathon of TV5 dramaseryes. Recent episodes of the  David Archuleta-starrer ‘Nandito Ako’ and TV5’s afternoon soaps ‘Felina’ and ‘Isang Dakot na Luha’ will be shown.


The highlight of the Kapatid Araw ng Dabaw celebration is a special show top-billed by TV5 stars Lorna Tolentino, Zoren Legazpi, Alex Gonzaga, Arnel Ignacio, Shalala andDavao’s own Talentadong Pinoy grand finalist Beatbox Gor. To be held at the Rizal Park starting at 4:00 p.m., ‘Sugod Mga Kapatid sa Araw ng Dabaw’ offers exciting games and even more exciting prizes right before the special performance prepared by the Kapatid stars.


The grandest and biggest adventure race in the world will also hit DavaoCityas The Amazing Race Philippineshold auditions on March 17 and 18. Details of the auditions will be announced at the ‘Sugod Mga Kapatid sa Araw ng Dabaw’ show on March 16. For more information on audition requirements, visit


Sugod Mga Kapatid is a regional campaign that promotes TV5’s programs and artists in key cities nationwide, engaging more Filipinos and giving them a taste of what the Happy Network is all about. This is aligned with TV5’s regional expansion as the network rolls out its transmitters and strengthens its signals all across the country.

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