Cakes to die for at the ‘Tiny Kitchen’!

One of the best kept secret for your sweet cravings in Davao City is at the Tiny Kitchen. This is one of the stops of the famous Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) 2012. We went there to have our snacks and was able to try all of their cakes.

Tiny Kitchen is a Davao-based  Spanish restaurant which is now the place to be for your sweet craving needs, with an array of to die for cakes. Also available are breads, pastries, pastas and home-cooked meals.

Their cakes got just the right sweetness, texture and some cakes simply melts into your mouth. A must try is their Frozen Chocolate Brazo, the brazo was extra soft without a hint of any slight overcooked part. With the right sweetness and it was so good. It blended well with the chocolate ice cream sandwiched  in the cake. Their Carrot Cake with walnuts a must try, Mango Sans Rival is heavenly and the rest of their cakes is unforgettable.

If you want to have some filling sandwich, you must try their Hamon Y Queso, Salad and Cheese and Tuna and Cheese, it is very filling.

If you are in Davao City, don’t fail to drop by and have your desserts and it goes well with their freshly squeezed lemonade.


Tiny Kitchen is located at  F. Torres St. Davao City with Tel. #  305 9232

Their Restaurant is open Mondays – Saturdays  during lunch and dinner time.

They are open the whole week for the people who wants to eat snacks and desserts.

Special thanks to the people behind DFAT 2012:

“Balamban Liempo” now in Davao City!

In Balamban, there is a unique method of grilling Liempo. with local herbs, spices and some secret ingredients…

Many people go to Balamban just to eat this delectable dish!


Why wait in line for Lechon and get the Part you don’t want…
Everyone simply wants to get the “LIEMPO” or the BELLY!
Now you can get “ALL BELLY, ALL THE TIME”

Balamban liempo is pork belly stuffed with lemon grass, the same aromatic that is stuffed into lechon (roast whole pig). Very tasty and great with just a dip with local Tuba Vinregar.

The Balamban Liempo restaurant had their soft opening a few weeks ago and they can be found at Delgar Commercial Complex, Km 5, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It’s the building right before the Bajada flyover.

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