Cagas’ Bay Walk project in Aplaya, Digos City a big fail!

The Bay Walk join project of Governor Douglas RA Cagas, Congressman Marc Douglas IV Cagas and SP Chairman Mercedes C. Cagas in Aplaya, Digos City is a big failure or just being neglected?

The name of the Cagas is attached to this project which is now as we see in the picture below in a very pity condition.

I was very proud then that a project to make the sea shore in Digos City become a tourist attraction. But sad to say that the Bay Walk is a hazard to those who are visiting the place.

Could it be the fault of the construction firm who made the project? What will the Cagases do with it now? Will they do something to restore the project?

Is this a tax payers money gone to waste again?

What do you think?

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