Filipinos the world’s 4th fastest growing mobile internet users!

Approximately 40% of all mobile phones sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2012 were smartphones, compared to around 30% for the full year in 2011, according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report.

The report also revealed that mobile data traffic doubled between the third quarter of 2011 and third quarter of 2012, and is expected to grow 12 times between 2012 and 2018, with total mobile subscriptions expected to hit 6.6 billion by the end of 2012, and 9.3 billion by 2018.

Smartphone use

“Mobility is becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily lives with the availability of smartphones and tablets that have changed the way we use the internet. We always have devices within arm’s reach, allowing us instant access to information, entertainment and social interaction,” said Douglas Gilstrap, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy at Ericsson.

China leads worldwide in net additions with 38 million subscriptions, followed by Brazil with 9 million, Indonesia with 7 million, and the Philippines with 5 million, making Filipinos the world’s fourth fastest growing mobile internet users.

Keeping pace with the growing trend of mobile internet use in the country and the increasing affordability of smartphones, Globe Telecom remains bullish with its mobile data business by launching relevant and innovative offers for its subscribers.

In partnership with Google, Globe became the world’s first telecom operator to offer access to the World Wide Web and select Google services on internet-enabled mobile phones without any data charges via Free Zone. With Free Zone, Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers get easy and instant access to Google Search, Gmail, and Google+ on their feature phones and smartphone without any cost via With the new mobile browsing offer, Globe extends the unique experience of being online all the time even to its most budget-conscious subscribers.

Globe also pioneered the mobile data market with its mobile browsing plans that use megabytes or MBs, a unit that measures data in internet-related transactions. Through Globe PowerSurf MB, subscribers get bulk Megabytes (MB) of mobile data, consumable per kilobyte (KB), to surf the Internet on their mobile devices. Using KBs or MBs in mobile surfing does not look at the time spent online, but on specific mobile browsing activities a user does such as e-mail, social networking, photo uploading, or video streaming, making it more affordable to surf on the mobile phone, totally eliminating the risk of billshock. Daily and monthly variants are available depending on a subscriber’s need.

“The smartphone boom has definitely arrived the Philippines. This year, we have seen tremendous uptake in the purchase and use of smartphones, giving more Filipinos access to the World Wide Web,” said Jenny Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services. “With our offers that give more value for money, Globe further enriches the mobile browsing experience, empowering more smartphone owners to maximize their devices and enjoy its full features, further driving smartphone explosion in the country.”

For the first nine months of 2012, Globe mobile data revenues reached P24.4 billion, or 6% higher than last year. This was driven in part by mobile data browsing, which sustained its robust growth momentum, generating P2.2 billion, almost 55% better than the same period last year.

Joerg Krahnert, managing director of leading mobile platform service provider Netbuiscits, also shared that mobile users will surpass desktop users globally by 2014 and the Web will be accessed through mobile four times than via PCs by 2015.

Make your “It’s More Fun in the Philippines with Globe” video and win Nokia Lumia 610!

Love making your own #itsmorefuninthephilippines memes? Submit it to to get a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 610 WEEKLY!

Definitely Filipinos!


Upload your own fun video inviting the world to come and visit all 7,107 islands of the Philippines!


Make your video exciting and unique by doing something crazy and showing everyone your fun and wacky side!


Weekly prizes (4 Nokia Lumia 610s) and a 3-day family vacation package in Boracay awaits the best submissions and the chance to be included in a global invitation video that will be shown worldwide!


Check out the sample video and remember to have fun!


View full mechanics.




1.       All Filipinos, wherever in the world they are, are free to submit entries.

2.       To join, participants must capture themselves in a video or photo, solo or in a group, inviting foreigners in a fun way to visit the Philippines.



·         Group of dancers inviting Koreans while dancing Tinikling

·         A girl climbing a Palo Sebo while inviting Americans


3.       Unique pictures and videos will be accepted as long as it shows how fun it is in the Philippines.

4.       All submissions must have the DOT tagline “It’s more fun in the Philippines” using the Harabara font. It can be placed at any point in the material. It can be shown visually or mentioned verbally.

5.       A website portal/application in the Globe Facebook page will be provided by Globe where the videos can be uploaded. Uploader must provide his name, location, and contact details upon submission of entry.

6.       Submissions can be made from April 01 to May 31, 2012.

7.       The best and most fun submissions will be chosen by Globe and DOT representatives and will be put together in one video invitation for all countries in the world.

8.       The commercial will then be released and shown worldwide in various international channels (i.e. TV channels, LED sites abroad, etc.) as the Philippines’ invitation to the world.

9.       Final products will also be downloadable and share-able from the Globe Facebook page.



1.       One Nokia Lumia 610 will be given to the best video submitted for the week.
Globe will announce one winner on these dates:

a.       May 7, 2011

b.      May 14, 2011

c.       May 21, 2011

d.      May 28, 2911

2.       One 3-day Boracay family package worth P50,000 will be given away for the best video submitted for the entire campaign.

Globe Telecom brings radically enhanced network experience to Davao City!

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom, which is currently embarking on a $700-million landmark mobile network modernization program, brings a radically enhanced network experience to residents of Davao City through fast call connections, on-time delivery of text messages, and reduced incidence of dropped calls even at peak hours and traffic-heavy occasions.

Being a key market and focus area for Globe,DavaoCitywas tapped for the implementation of the network change-out beginning December last year, resulting in doubled mobile telephony capacity in the area to support growing customer demand and improvements in voice and SMS service quality.


The network modernization program, touted as the most significant investment of Globe in the last two decades, includes an all-IP infrastructure, pervasive 3G coverage, double fiber optics capacity, 4G and LTE readiness, and overall quality and resiliency.

Once completed, Globe envisions a robust and resilient network that can provide an unparalleled customer experience to truly set the company apart from competition. The new Globe network and IT systems are not only designed to address all current customer needs but would also have the capacity and capability for more sophisticated use of mobile and broadband technologies.


With the telecom industry worldwide evolving at a breakneck speed, it has become imperative for local players to stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest developments.  Thus, Globe constantly pushes its underlying infrastructure capabilities to much higher levels so as to touch both consumers and industries in new and progressive ways.


The unprecedented undertaking will modernize all layers of the Globe network within the next five years and is anticipated to set the industry benchmark for the most technologically advanced network in thePhilippines. It is expected to bring aggressive growth prospects, savings in capital spending and expenses, as well as operational efficiencies from the synergy among Globe and its partners, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent. Together bound by vision and resolve, the three companies are committed to instrumentally deliver a superior customer experience for the benefit of the consuming public.


At a higher level, Globe network modernization program also serves to broaden the telecommunications horizon of thePhilippinesas its corollary infrastructure expansion and service innovation stands to attract investment and business. Globe is effectively raising the bar of technology and service in the industry to make it at par with the world’s most advanced telecom communities and practices.


The Globe network and IT transformation program is an ambitious and yet necessary undertaking which will provide the platform that will make Globe even more competitive in the fast-moving market.

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