‘Crepelato Gelato’ more than just desserts!

Crepelato Gelato has now evolved into a place to dine, and merienda place just when you are going  about shopping or just wanting to relax and feed your hunger!

Crepelato Gelato is located at the ground floor of NCCC Mall, MaC Arthur Highway, Matina. The place have been know for their famous for their Crepes and Gelatos but now I know that they have much more to offer.

During the Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 2012 i come upon a chance to taste their Fish and Fries, Pancit Malabon, Pork Chop in Vegies and their one of a kind Sanghon. Sanghon became ny favorite since it is a unique sotanghon with bannana blossom and cucumber as garnish on top. A unique combination, I never thought it would hit my palate  nicely. A must try indeed.

I would like to thank the organizers of th DFAT 2012 for the experience:


Pinoy food at its best at ‘Davao’s Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar’!

GenSans famous Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar is now her in Davao City’s SM City Davao Annex!

As part of the Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 2012, we got to visit one of the best restaurant for Pinoy foods in Davao City.

If you love Pinoy food and you are craving for it, then the best place to go to is Davao’s Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar which is conveniently located inside the mall. If you are on a shopping mode and already tired and hungry, just a step away inside the SM City Davao.

The food are reasonably priced, the service is good and the food superb. If you are a group of five. they have a set menus called Piyesta Meals that is made just right for you, the Price ranges from P 1,000.00 – P 1,300.00 and if you are just there alone or wit a date then their a la carte menu is just as reasonable.

Piyesta Meal set is what I could recommend, seafood set meal, pork, chicken, vegetable, just look at their menu and see for yourselves which one just fits to your taste and diet. A Pinoy meal deal indeed!

Try out their famous Kura Sticks, a big chilli wrapped in a wrapper and dipped in a sauce, and savor the mild flavor of hotness, just one of my favorites.

A must visit if you are at SM City Davao, just go to the SM Annex and you wont miss Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar.

This years DFAT event is organized by:

Surprise yourself at “Fiesta Sorpresa” in Digos City!

A new dinning place to go to in Digos City is Fiesta Sorpresa, it is one of the place to be when dining is concerned for anyone who is into Pinoy foods.

People from Digos City can now enjoy and have more food choices aside from their usual dining fare which is usually Lechon Manok and barbeque. Which most of the people got to.

You will be surprised how reasonable their foods on their menu are. You can have a Fiesta Tipid Meals for as low a P49.00. And their Sabaw, Pampagana and Lamang Dagat are not that expensive either.

You can try their authentic Ilocano Bagnet, their Sweet and Spicy Wings, Fresh Lumpia, Rellenong Bangus and Sinampalokang Manok. Surely your family and friends would be delighted to try out any on the menu.

I surely did enjoy my short stay at Fiesta Sorpresa, thank to Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 20012, I did not know that such a place exist in Digos City. But it is a new place that just opened early this month and mind you I will go back and eat there again.

Thanks to the organizers of DFAT 2012 for the experience:

Native Merienda Treats at “Ranchero’s Merienda Cena”!

On the first day of the Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 2012, our briefing, introductions, and welcome snacks  with other bloggers who participated in this much anticipated bloggers event in Davao City at Ranchero’s Davao at the Abreeza Ayala Mall!

We were greeted with a native merienda treats on the Ranchero’s Merienda Cena. We were served with their Kakanin Trio with free hot tea, Fresh Lumpia, Freid Lumpia and Pancit Bihon Guisado.

Their Kakanin Trio includes Tibok Tibok (Maja Blanca with corn bits), Sticky Rice with Mango, and Suman Sa Lihiya at Latik. From the three, what i love most was the Tibok Tibok, it way very soft and it melts in your mouth and a crunchiness from the corn bits. Their Freid Lumpia, when dipped into the hot vinegar sauce just the right balance of taste.

It was nice to meet and get to know for the first time the bloggers who participated from around the Philippines. Some are familiar faces and acquaintances from Davao and some we met from previous bloggers event and of course new faces since this is my first ever DFAT.

Thanks to the organizers of the events:

Cakes to die for at the ‘Tiny Kitchen’!

One of the best kept secret for your sweet cravings in Davao City is at the Tiny Kitchen. This is one of the stops of the famous Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) 2012. We went there to have our snacks and was able to try all of their cakes.

Tiny Kitchen is a Davao-based  Spanish restaurant which is now the place to be for your sweet craving needs, with an array of to die for cakes. Also available are breads, pastries, pastas and home-cooked meals.

Their cakes got just the right sweetness, texture and some cakes simply melts into your mouth. A must try is their Frozen Chocolate Brazo, the brazo was extra soft without a hint of any slight overcooked part. With the right sweetness and it was so good. It blended well with the chocolate ice cream sandwiched  in the cake. Their Carrot Cake with walnuts a must try, Mango Sans Rival is heavenly and the rest of their cakes is unforgettable.

If you want to have some filling sandwich, you must try their Hamon Y Queso, Salad and Cheese and Tuna and Cheese, it is very filling.

If you are in Davao City, don’t fail to drop by and have your desserts and it goes well with their freshly squeezed lemonade.


Tiny Kitchen is located at  F. Torres St. Davao City with Tel. #  305 9232

Their Restaurant is open Mondays – Saturdays  during lunch and dinner time.

They are open the whole week for the people who wants to eat snacks and desserts.

Special thanks to the people behind DFAT 2012:

Healthy Dessert options abound at Yoh Froz Davao!

I am blessed to be part of the exclusive bunch who took part in the famous Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 2012!

And one of the best places I have ever been to for healthy dessert alternative is Frozen Yogurt at Yoh Froz. You can get all the frozen delights that they have not only for desserts , but also for cooling down with the sizzling summer heat.

You can enjoy your yogurt in lots of different ways, on a sick, on top of a Belgian waffle, as parfait, mochi or just the way you want it. I can only say, once you tried it you will come back for more.

Hungry already? Just head your way to Yoh Froz at Torres St. Davao City to get your fix!

Thanks to the organizers of DFAT 2012 for the experience, lots of fun and the nomnom trip!

This years DFAT event is organized by:

Looking forward to the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012!

I am one of the privileged to take part in the famous Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012!
Joining me in this event are bloggers from allover the Philippines as far as Dagupan, Metro Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod, General Santos City and of course from Davao City.
This years DFAT event is organized by:
DFAT will take place in Davao Region from May 4 – 7, 2012 and it will take us to Davao Region best food, fun and once in a lifetime adventure.
We are going to visit famous restaurants in the region and will get a taste of what Davao has to offer.
The list of food trips to go are:
Davao Adventure at:
I am already looking forward for DFAT 2012!
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