Soon to open SM City Lanang goes green!

SM City Lanang the biggest mall in this part of Mindanao will open by the end of this year!

Located in the northern part of the city, the new mall has about 100,000 square meters in area where a four-level structure has been built with its design inspired by the origami, the Japanese art of folding paper. It has about 145,000 in gross floor area with about 84,000 square meters available for lease.

The mall looks like any other SM from the outside but this one is different, as there is a Skygarden, a lush garden within its façade that will host restaurants. The garden will have “refreshing water features”. Inside the mall will be the Flat Café, “floating above the ground and offers a vast view of The Atrium.”

The ground level will host international brands like Forever 21 and key SM stores like the SM Supermarket and SM Department Store. To be located in its rear section, both in the ground and second level, are restaurants which will be overlooking the “sprawling outdoor event area called “The Park.”

Its second level will also host six digital theaters that will include the SM Center Stage, the Imax theater known for its state-of-the-art facilities, the bowling center and the Science Discovery Center.

The third floor of the mall will be the SMX Convention Center Davao, touted to be the largest convention center in this part of the country.

The mall has also incorporated “green architecture and environment-friendly features as part of SM’s sustainability efforts.” Through this initiative, the company is only utilizing 40% of the total area for the project ”with paver blocks used in the open parking area to minimize surface run-off water.” “It will also have the city’s first rain catchment system minimizing storm water peak flow, surface run-off and siltation,” it added. The mall will also use light emitting diode bulbs which will ensure “efficient energy consumption” as it is also “designed with skylights.” “Park finders will also be installed at the basement parking to minimize carbon output from vehicles. It will also utilize recycled water for its cooling tower and for comfort room flushing.”

Once the mall will be opened, this will make Davao a landmark for shopping and convention as it host the biggest convention center in this part of Mindanao.


An early Durian season abounds in Davao this early!

Durian season is here again! This is an unusual Durian season since it usually starts in August. But as early as the second week of January 2012 Durian has been flooding the market at a very cheap price.

Prices starts from P35.oo up to P45.00 per kilo , depends upon the variety of the fruit.

This is not the first time that Durian abounds a s early as January, but expect more Durian to flood the markets of Davao and the prices are expected to be lower also.

Durian is one of my favorite fruit, as they say “Durian fruit smells like hell but taste like heaven“!

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