Foreigners living in Davao Area told to claim I-Card!

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) reminded foreigners staying in Davao Region to claim their alien certificate card (ACR I-Card) at the BI regional office in Davao City.

In the official website of BI, Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. appealed to the foreigners concerned to get their ACR I-Card so they will not encounter problems on their immigration status.

David said the I-Card is an “important and indispensable” document that every foreigner, who holds a non-immigrant or immigrant visa in the Philippines, must obtain.

He said a foreigner, who holds a non-immigrant or immigrant visa, should present the I-Card to immigration officers at a Philippine port of entry every time he or she enters or exits the country.

David warned that the visa of a foreigner will be downgraded to tourist, if one arrives or departs the country without the I-Card.

“This card is proof of a foreigner’s legal residence status. Without it, a foreigner is deemed improperly documented and may be sanctioned for violating our immigration and alien registration laws,” he added.

BI Executive Director Eric Dimaculangan said many of the unclaimed I-Cards have been in his office for several months now.

“I cannot understand why the owners of these I-Cards do not bother to claim them. Perhaps, they do not know how very important these cards are,” Dimaculangan said.

He also advised foreigners who applied for I-Card issuance to check with the BI website at if their cards are ready for release.

Under the rules, foreigners, whose petition for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa was approved by the BI, must apply for their I-Card to perfect their residence status in the country.

The I-Card also serves as the foreigners’ reentry and exit permit, thus they must bring it whenever they travel in and out of the country.

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