Kadayawan kicks off with the biggest “The Bounty Basket” in the country!

Bountiful Kadayawan! Tropical fruits in season overflow from the largest fruit basket in the Philippines during the official launching of the king of all festivals, the Kadayawan Festival, held at the grand lawn of the Davao People’s Park.

The Bounty Basket is said to be the biggest in the country so far, which needed three trucks and six multicabs of fruits and vegetables.

Comprising the fruits inside the gigantic basket were five varieties of coconut, six varieties of bananas, three varieties of “rambutan,” two varieties of avocado, three varieties of pineapples, two varieties of “santol”, mangosteen, mangoes and jackfruits.

Some vegetables are also included in the basket such as squash and eggplants.

The Bounty Basket measures six feet in height and sixteen feet in diameter.

The unveiling of Bounty Basket symbolized Davao City’s rich harvest.

Spectators shared the bounty to everyone’s great delight. Madayaw!
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