‘Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012’ candidates revealed!

The official candidates of Hiyas sa Kadayawan has just been revealed!

The 10 candidates comes from the ten tribes in Davao City and each one of them represents their own tribes.

(L-R) Emerita Bogcal, Jean Ali, Jamayla Angela Cabale, Hannah Catucag, Belle Colleen Bato, Elmia Hussin Sailadin, Analine Mansabid, Jehan Kartini Andan, Shenley Caba, Ajema Malatus)

The official candidates and their respective tribes are:

  • Emerita Bogcal (Ata Tribe),
  • Jean Ali (Maguindanao Tribe),
  • Jamayla Angela Cabale (Tagabawa Bagobo Tribe),
  • Hannah Catucag (Kagan Tribe),
  • Belle Colleen Bato (Bagobo K’lata),
  • Elmia Hussin Sailadin (Sama Tribe),
  • Analine Mansabid (Matigsalog Tribe),
  • Jehan Kartini Andan (Tausug Tribe),
  • Shenley Caba (Obu Manuvu Tribe),
  • Ajema Malatus (Maranao Tribe)

Hiyas sa Kadayawan Talent Night will be on Aug. 15, 6pm at Gaisano Mall of Davao

Hiyas sa Kadayawan Finals will be on Aug. 17, 6pm at the Davao City Recreation Center

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