‘Crepelato Gelato’ more than just desserts!

Crepelato Gelato has now evolved into a place to dine, and merienda place just when you are going  about shopping or just wanting to relax and feed your hunger!

Crepelato Gelato is located at the ground floor of NCCC Mall, MaC Arthur Highway, Matina. The place have been know for their famous for their Crepes and Gelatos but now I know that they have much more to offer.

During the Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 2012 i come upon a chance to taste their Fish and Fries, Pancit Malabon, Pork Chop in Vegies and their one of a kind Sanghon. Sanghon became ny favorite since it is a unique sotanghon with bannana blossom and cucumber as garnish on top. A unique combination, I never thought it would hit my palate  nicely. A must try indeed.

I would like to thank the organizers of th DFAT 2012 for the experience:


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  1. Wah gusto ko ng Sanghon!

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