Surprise yourself at “Fiesta Sorpresa” in Digos City!

A new dinning place to go to in Digos City is Fiesta Sorpresa, it is one of the place to be when dining is concerned for anyone who is into Pinoy foods.

People from Digos City can now enjoy and have more food choices aside from their usual dining fare which is usually Lechon Manok and barbeque. Which most of the people got to.

You will be surprised how reasonable their foods on their menu are. You can have a Fiesta Tipid Meals for as low a P49.00. And their Sabaw, Pampagana and Lamang Dagat are not that expensive either.

You can try their authentic Ilocano Bagnet, their Sweet and Spicy Wings, Fresh Lumpia, Rellenong Bangus and Sinampalokang Manok. Surely your family and friends would be delighted to try out any on the menu.

I surely did enjoy my short stay at Fiesta Sorpresa, thank to Davao Food Appreciations Tour (DFAT) 20012, I did not know that such a place exist in Digos City. But it is a new place that just opened early this month and mind you I will go back and eat there again.

Thanks to the organizers of DFAT 2012 for the experience:

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  1. My top picks at Fiesta Sorpresa are the Sinampalukang Manok, the Binagoongang Bagnet, and the Spicy Wings. <3

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