3rd Mindanao Toy Convention 2012 on May 7-13!

3rd Mindanao Toy Convention will be held at the Gaisano Mall of Davao Atrium on May 7-13!

An exhibition of the latest collections and works from Davao toy collectors and hobbyists but there will be various activities set for the entire week. Activities such as the Gundam Caravan and J-Pop Dance Craze will surely entertain the crowd. For the gamers, there will be tournaments for Console Games and Yugi-Oh, and for the artists, there is the Gundam Diorama Contest, Draw the Avengers Contest and of course, the fun-filled Cosplay contest that always prove to be a crowd favorite.

There will also be an opportunity for toy lovers to buy new toy collections as local toy shops will also have a space in the event.

The convention will be bringing back the Gundam Caravan that delighted new and old collectors during the first toy convention which coincide with the Gundam Diorama contest, an open competition for people who are into the iconic giant robot armor. The winner of this diorama contest will be featured in the Bandai-Gundam website, giving them the chance to be internationally recognized, other than the grand prize and official trophy of Bandai Gundam that awaits him or her. Not to be left out, also is the Draw the Avengers Contest that requires each contestant to draw 3 to 7 Avengers in any medium of his/her choice.

The drawing contest will be an open category to any individuals who wants to show their artistic skills. As mentioned above, the Mother of all Cosplay Events in Summer will be happening on this week long activity, giving a chance for people who loves to play homage to their favorite characters in anime and manga and for others to witness and have fun taking photos of them.

For more details regarding these contests and cosplay event, visit Gaisano Mall of Davao or log on to Facebook and search for the 3rd Mindanao Toy Convention event.

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