Meet the 2012 Mutya ng Dabaw candidates!

Davao City is celebrating this year’s 75th Araw ng Dabaw in March.

This is also the season for the Mutya ng Dabaw. get to meet the 12 semi-finalist this year:

Ma. Elainezelle Clarice Tiu (Toril, Davao City) — Ma. Elainezelle Clarice Tiu, 19-years-old, is a 3rd year BS Accountancy student at the Ateneo de Davao University. Ma. Elainezelle enjoys baking, sketching, and reading books. She is a consistent dean’s lister and currently the Internal Vice President of the Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Pamantasan ng Ateneo.

Maria Theresa Tan (Ulas, Davao City) — Maria Theresa Tan is an AB Communication Arts graduate from University of Immaculate Conception where she was also a scholar. This 22-year-old beauty is currently a Guest Relation Agent at Marco Polo Hotel.

Angelie Bontilao (Agdao, Davao City) — Angelie Bontilao, or Angel, is an Emergency Medical Technicia (EMT) of Davao Central 911. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from San Pedro College last 2008. Angel is now taking her Master’s Degree in Nursing at San Pedro College. This 24-year-old likes surfing the net, watching and reading news. She also does part-time modeling work.

Jhoanna Myles Te (Bacaca Rd., Davao City) — Jhoanna Myles Te, or Twinkle, is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing cum laude graduate from San Pedro College. Her college years were highlighted by a Best in Psychiatric Nursing award. Twenty two-year-old Twinkle loves sports, watching movies, and internet surfing and also dabbles in modeling.

Regine Terza Fondevilla (Ecoland Subd., Davao City) — Twenty-year-old Regine Terza Fondevilla is a BS Business Administration student at the Ateneo de Davao University, where she is also a consistent Dean’s Lister. If she finds time, Terza enjoys reading, watching TV, working out and meditating. She is also interested in hosting, modeling and dancing.

Sheila Mae Holthe (Matina, Davao City) — Sheila Mae Holthe is an 18-year-old Business Administration student from San Pedro College of Davao. Sheila, or Sheek, enjoys singing and modeling and her hobbies are internet surfing, eating and malling. She also loves reading books.

Marianne Mae Te (Toril, Davao City) — Twenty one-year-old Marianne Mae Te, or Yannie, is a print model and an AB Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate of Philippine Women’s College of Davao. Also seasoned beauty pageant contestant in the city, Yannie loves skim boarding and cooking. This young lady from Toril, Davao City describes herself as “systematic and highly oriented person with good analytical and problem solving skills.”

Sandra Stein (Lanang, Davao City) — Eighteen-year-old Sandra Stein is a 2nd year college student at the Ateneo de Davao University, taking up BS in Business Management. Sandra was born in Berlin, Germany and currently resides in Lanang, Davao City. The half-German, half-Filipina aims to be a successful businesswoman in the future. She loves traveling and swimming.

Ma. Angelina Arrozal (El Rio, Davao City) — Ma. Angelina Arrozal, or Angel, is a 3rd year dentistry student at the Davao Medical School Foundation. The 19-year-old was also one of the semi-finalists in Miss Earth-Davao Region. She is a trainee for TV hosting at a local cable channel and a part-time ramp model. Angel is also a school orator and debater who enjoys painting, dancing and singing.

Jazzel Therese Gomez (Matina Pangi, Davao City) — Jazzel Therese Gomez is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in English Language from Far Eastern University. Nicknamed Jazz, she is currently taking Law studies at the Ateneo de Davao University. This 23-year-old’s long list of achievements also includes bringing home the Grand Prize in the 2010 Anghel C. Palanca Peace Program Essay Writing tilt and receiving a 99 percent in English proficiency test in TOEIC Exam. She enjoys singings, reading and cooking.

Dorothy Maruel Ibañez (Lanang, Davao City) — Dorothy Ibanez is a Registered Nurse, currently employed as a Health Consultant of the US-based Health Central Training Center. The 23-year-old is a Nursing graduate of Ateneo de Davao University. Dotty practices photography.

Gintherese Capa (Sasa, Davao City) – Nineteen-year-old Gintherese Capa, or Bagin, is taking up BS Civil Engineering at the University of Southeastern Philippines where she is also a student leader. While she is interested in singing, dancing and song composition, she also dabbles in modeling and enjoys acting. Bagin advocates “empowering the lives of the youth with positivity to lead a better society.”

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  1. beatrice teh says:

    The prepageant held on feb 28 was an atypical type of pageant compared to the ones that we usually see. First, there was no live introduction from the candidates themselves. There was a VTR for the intro but we know that videos can be edited. And yes, the hosts introduced the candidates but their intro was biased. Not enough information was given to other candidates and other candidates’ introduction were exaggerated. From there, we, audience, already knew whose going to get the 5 spots. Moving on, the pageant had no question and answer portion which is the essence of every pageant. Yes, we heard there was a closed door interview however how are we, audience, going to get to know the candidates if during the whole pageant, ALL OF THE CANDIDATES NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO TALK (except those who were given special awards). Are they hiding something? We felt they were greedy and kept the candidates away from us. This was the weirdest pageant I ever saw considering THERE WAS NO ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE CRITERIA FOR JUDGING. How are we going to know what are they looking for? Ah, one judge was asked and she said she was looking for x factor but there was no concrete breakdown for the judging. They must take into proper consideration beauty, confidence, poise, and most importantly, brains. GMA really disappointed us. We expected a lot from them.
    Another thing, the award of having the best in long gown was given to joanna myles te who nearly slipped off when she walked in her long gown. She clearly doesn’t know how to walk glamorously and was not able to bring the gown. Sandra Stein should have won. She walked with poise.
    The pageant was really fast-paced and there was this part wherein the candidates had to give a rose to whoever they think is the most friendly of them all. This part consumed a couple number of minutes which I think is unnecessary. GMA should have traded this part with the question and answer portion which is the most important part of a pageant. This pageant was really strategically planned so as not to get to know whose the best and for their bets to immediately be placed in the top 5.
    We think Sandra Stein, Clarice Tiu and Gin Therese Capa had the x factor. Sandra Stein, Regine Terza Fondevilla and Gin Therese Capa walked beautifully like beauty queens and really knew how to bring themselves. The pretty ones were not included in the top 5. Sheila Mae Holthe has the perfect face. Angelie Bontilao and Maria Angelina Arrozal had the potential. And the worst part? We never knew whose got the brains, whose spontaneous and whose really deserving. This is very disappointing.
    GMA should never had pageant after all since they already knew to whom will they give the crown. Other 12 semifinalists were deserving but they heartlessly kicked them off the competition. There was no justice. So let’s just surrender everything to God and let God handle this. God knows what to do.

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