15 minute switching power interruptios set on Feb. 19-20 in Davao City find out where!

Davao  Light and Power Company will conduct two sets of 15-minute switching power  interruptions  affecting the customers situated in the northern part of the electric utility’s franchise.

Corporate Communications Officer Ross Luga said that the service interruptions are necessary to allow Davao Light to conduct preventive maintenance servicing for system reliability purposes.

The power interruptions will take place from 5:00 AM to 5:15 AM both on February 19, for the transferring of loads to its nearby substations, and on February 20 for the normalization.

Affected by the service interruptions are the power consumers from GT Processing to TEFASCO. This will include Piña Village, CAL Village, Marieta Village Subdivision, Tibungco Relocation and Tibunco Public Market.

Also affected are Tibungco Brgy Hall, Manganian Village up to Muslim Village near Mosque, Upper Ilang, Mudiang, Ilang Brgy. Hall, New Society Village, Bugac, Amparo Village and its nearby areas,

Davao Light apologizes for the inconvenience of these service interruptions but it will exert all efforts to restore electric service as scheduled or earlier.  However, there may be instances where restoration may extend beyond the schedule due to unavoidable circumstances.

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