“MySpace” is back and now has 1M uses in just a month!

Do you have an account to the old MySpace? Now it is back with a bang that it introduced new ties to social network giants Facebook and Twitter!

Tim Vanderhook, chief executive of Myspace, said:

“The numbers tell an amazing story of strong momentum and dramatic change for Myspace. And the 1 million-plus new user accounts we’ve seen in the last 30 days validates our approach.”

Myspace once claimed close to 100 million users. Today, the site has about 25 million users.

But Vanderhook says that the number is steadily rising. Myspace has become more focused on bands and musicians and has introduced a new music player. Vanderhook said that Myspace currently offers a music collection of more than 42 million songs. Spotify, on the other hand, has a catalogue of around 15 million songs.

Vanderhook said:

“Myspace is building meaningful social entertainment experience around content, where consumers can share and discover the music they love… Consumers are getting excited about Myspace again – a testament to a great music product.”


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