404 flood-prone areas in Davao City named!

THE local disaster coordinating body has listed 404 flood-prone areas in Davao City, including subdivisions, sitios and puroks.

Of the city’s 404 flood-risk areas,  139 are in District 1, 138 in District 2, and 127 in District 3.

Under District 1, City Poblacion District has 40 flood-prone areas while Talomo District has 99. For District 2, Buhangin District has 61, Bunawan District has 40, Paquibato District has 25, while Agdao District has 12.

For District 3, Toril District has 38, Tugbok District has 42, Calinan District has 37, and Marilog District has 10.

Barangay Talomo Proper has the most number of flood-prone areas at 38.

Here is the list of flood-prone areas from the DCDCC.

District 1

City Poblacion District:

Barangay 1-A (Bolton Dike): Purok 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7

Barangay 2-A (Magallanes Dike) flood prone areas are Purok 1, 2, 3, and 7

Barangay 5-A (Bankerohan Riverside) Purok 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, and 17

Barangay 7-A General Malvar Purok 1 and 2

Barangay 8-A Lower Madapo of Purok 10

Barangay 9-A San Rafael Village, Purok 10, Pag-asa Drive of Purok 4, Muslim Village, Barrio Tubigon of Purok 6 and Marfori 2 of Purok 8

Barangay 10-A DIHO II Subdivision of Purok 10 and Platinum of Riverside

Barangay 19-B Cell 1, Cell 2, Phase 1, El Rio, Phase 2, El Rio, Phase 3, El Rio, Muslim Area, Purok 8

Barangay 40-D and Purok 1 (near Bolton Bridge)

Under Talomo District:

Barangay Bucana 76-A Dapsa, Purok 12, Bilusa, Purok 19, St. John, Purok 12-A; S.I.R. Phase I; Pasil, Purok 12-B; S.I.R. Phase II; Kasilak, Purok 13; Agro Compound, Purok 32; Manggahan, Purok 20; and Manggahan, Purok 21

Barangay Ma-a Gravahan, Purok 3; GEM Village, Purok 18; Don Julian Vill., Purok 19; Purok 13 (near Bachelor Bus Garage); Lower Sanggilangan, Purok 20; Purok 13-A (near Yellow Bus Terminal); Upper Sanggilangan, Purok 20; Purok 13-B, Riverside; Purok 26 (near Safecon); Datu Loho, Purok 17 Batching Plant); New Argao, Purok 17-A; Camarin, Purok 27; and Maharlika, Purok 35

Barangay Matina Crossing 74-A: Purok Guadalupe; New Visayas Village; Purok San Isidro; Matina Gravahan, Purok 1; Purok Mahayahay; Matina Gravahan, Purok 2; Santiago Balusong; and Tahimik Avenue, Purok 4

Barangay Matina Pangi: Km. 6.5; Km. 8.5; Km. 7; Km. 9; and Km. 8. Barangay Matina Aplaya Dumalag 1; Seaside Village; Dumalag 2; San Nicolas; and Dumalag 3

Barangay Talomo Proper has the most number of flood-prone areas, 38 in total, specifically: Muslim Village; Puan, Block 1; NHA Relocation, Bangkal; Talomo Proper; NHA Kadayawan Homes, Phase III Talomo Salakot; Bangkal Seaside; New Washington; Sto Niño/Bulusan; Talomo Center Beach; Taal Duterte; Talomo Cemento; Ulas (back of Public Market); Calubi-an, Talomo; Puroks 1 up to 14; Bankal (Kadayawan, Central Park, Taal, Bulusan, Muslim Vill.); Ulas (back of Mercury Drug); Dela Merced Typhoon; Ulas Trading; Relocation; UUHSA Village, Ulas; Teachers’ Village; Talusa I; San Juan Village, Bangkal; Talusa II; and SPED Area, Bangkal.

Barangay Bago Aplaya: Gallera de Oro Subd.; Castro Village; Crossing Bago Aplaya; Vagnay Village; D’ Garden Village; Caliraya Homes; Seaside; and Versary

Barangay Bago Gallera: Mega Homes, Sitio Iñigo; Sitio Lumansoc; Rosalina Village I; Sitio Libby; San Lorenzo Village; and Sitio Lower Nalum

Barangay Baliok: Rosalina Village III (Blocks 11, 15, 16, 19, 20 & 22); Purok 2; and Purok 3

Barangay Dumoy: Pagibig Village and Dumoy Proper

District 2

Buhangin District at Barangay Buhangin Proper Spring: Spring Valley; Old San Isidro; Sandawa; New San Isidro; Talisay; San Antonio; Hillside Subd.; San Vicente; Sitio Block 10; Maglana; Mahayag; and NHA

Barangay Cabantian: Laverna Hills

Barangay Tigatto: Purok 1, Sitio Uyanguren; Purok 9, Lapanday; Purok 2, Sitio San Isidro Labrador; Purok 10, Sitio Balon; Purok 3, Sitio San Vicente Ferrer; Purok 11, Sitio Tinago; Purok 4, Sitio Sta. Marina; Purok 12, Juliville Subd (P-3); Purok 7, Sitio Bita Tinago; Purok 13, Sitio Lourdes; Purok 8, Binoring; Purok 14, Jade Valley Subd.; Rodriguez Area; San Vicente Ferrer Tinago; and Km. 10

Barangay Waan: Purok 1, Waan Proper; Sitio Riverside; Purok 2, Waan Proper; Sitio Sto. Niño; Purok 3, Waan Proper; Purok 2, Lower Dampa; Purok 4, Waan Proper; and Sitio Camamara (Riverside)

Barangay Callawa: Riverside; Purok 2; Purok 6; Purok 1-A; Purok 8; and Purok 12

Barangay Mandug: San Isidro; Sta. Marina; Purok 4; Maglana; and Purok 5

Barangay Sasa: Sto. Niño Riverside; De Guzman Village; Del Carmen (Upper & Lower); Doña Pilar, Phase 2; Bolton Relocation; and Sto. Rosario Village

Barangay Pampanga: Purok 19, Doña Asuncion: D. A. Pampanga; Phase 3, Doña Asuncion; Liceralde Village, Purok 2; Phase 7, Doña Asuncion; Phase 2, Roseville Subd.; Sto. Domingo I; and Diamond Village

Bunawan District

Barangay Lasang: Purok Aquarius, Lasang Proper; Purok Pisces, Sitio Bucana; Purok Capricorn, Lasang Proper; Purok Scorpio, Sitio Bucana; Purok Gemini, Lasang Proper; Purok Taurus, Sitio Tambongon; Purok Sagittarius, Lasang Proper; Purok Libra, Sitio Tambongon; Purok Virgo, Sitio Licanan; and Purok Aries, Sitio Licanan

Bunawan Proper: Purok 1; Purok 7; Purok 2-A; Purok 7-A; Purok 3-A; Purok 7-B; Purok 4; Purok 7-C; Purok 5; Purok 8; Purok 5-B; Purok 9; Purok 6; Purok 10 and Purok 6-A

Barangay San Isidro: Purok 1; Purok 4; Purok 1-A; Purok 5; Purok 3; and Purok 5-B

Barangay Ilang: Purok 7-A; Sto. Niño Awad, Purok 1; Purok 7-B; and Central Ilang (Puroks 2-A and 2-B)

Barangay Panacan: San Miguel, Purok 12, Km. 14; Malagamot Proper, Purok 24; Sunrise, Purok 13, Km. 14; Esturis Village, Purok 29; and Dacudao Village, Purok 22

Paquibato District

Barangay Paquibato Proper: Sitio Narra and Paquibato Proper

Barangay Pañalum: Puroks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Barangay Mabuhay: Purok Mangga; Purok Bayabas; Purok Boongon; Purok Nangka; and Mabuhay Proper

Barangay Pandaitan: Sitio Tibungol; Purok 5, Sitio Lower Pandaitan and Sitio Pigdalahan

Barangay Colosas: Sitio Panaga and the Colosas Proper

Barangay Fatima: Purok 1, 2, 3, and Lower Latungan

Barangay Sumimao: Sumimao Proper

Agdao District

Barangay Centro Agdao (San Juan): Purok San Francisco Village; Purok Sta. Lucia; Purok Naasin; Purok Victoria Pelayo; Purok North San Juan; Purok Alicia Pelayo; and Purok Sto. Niño Pelayo

Barangay Ubalde: Puroks 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

District 3

Toril District

Barangay Lizada: Sitio Tambacan; Sitio SODACO; Sitio Samuel Village; Sitio Lawis; Sitio New Lizada Village; Sitio Punong; Sitio J.V. Ferriols; Sitio Gutierrez Village; Sitio Culusa Viullage; Sitio Curvada; Sitio Lizada Proper; Sitio BABISA; Sitio Maharlika Village; Sitio Ilocano Community; Sitio Lizada Beach; and Sitio Malatabis

Barangay Crossing Bayabas: Purok 1 (Santol Street); Purok 6 (Saypon Riverside); Purok 2 (Venus Extension); Purok 16 (Sto. Niño Village); and Purok 3 (Venus Street)

Barangay Marapangi: Marapangi I (near Lipadas River); Marapangi I (near Sirawan River); Marapangi II (near Sirawan River); and Marapangi II (near creek and Lipadas River)

Barangay Lubogan: Purok 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 14

Barangay Sirawan: Purok 1, 10, 12, and 14

Barangay Daliao has Doña Manuela

Tugbok District

Barangay Sto. Niño: Puroks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 Aglipayan Village; Purok 14, Green Meadows Subd.; Purok 16; and Purok 19

Barangay Mintal: Corner Lanatana and Champaca Streets; NAPOLCOM Area; Sampaguita Street (near PLDT); and Barangay Road going to Camp San Gabriel

Barangay Tugbok Proper: Purok 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Purok 8, Sitio New Loon; Purok 9, Sitio New Loon; Purok 10, Sitio Upper Tugbok; Purok 11, Sitio Mahayahay; Purok 12, Sitio Crossing Quarry; Purok 13, Sitio Crossing Quarry; and Purok 14, Sitio Small Tacunan

Barangay Balengaeng: Purok 1, Sitio Campo 5; Purok 5 and Purok 7

Barangay Los Amigos: Purok 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8

Barangay Talandang: Purok Saging, Sitio Bonggan; Purok Santol, Sitio Asang; and Purok Cacao, Sitio Banarao

Calinan District

Barangay Calinan Poblacion: Purok 1; 2; 3; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 29; 30; Teachers’ Village; Vietcong Area; Calle Apeke; Abayon Village; and Magsaysay Street

Barangay Riverside: Purok 1; Purok 3-A; Purok 4-A; Purok 4; Purok 5; and Purok 5-A

Barangay Lamanan: Darila; Colabol; Galao; and Lagawisan

Barangay Dacudao: Purok 6; 7; 8; 11

Barangay Inayangan: Sitio Galao and Sitio Lagawisan

Barangay Dominga: Areas along the riverside

Barangay Cawayan: Sitio Banod

Barangay Lacson: Basakan Area, Purok 9

Barangay Dalagdag: Areas along the riverside

Marilog District

Barangay Tamugan has Sitio Bala; Sitio Lower Patag; Sitio Acacia; Sitio Banod; Sitio San Miguel; and Sitio Davao Gulf

Barangay Suawan: Suawan Proper; Sitio Moab; Sitio Gatungan and Lower Tule

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  1. This is a very important information especially on these days of unexpected weather disturbances…

  2. The government doesn't do anything about these flood issues but if you're gonna look on the top of the mountain, trees where there once before a few years back was amazingly have all disappear.. and lookie lookie you will see rich people subdivision emerges there on the top. I don't know about the people of Davao a few years back Ive talked to some of their residents there that they preserve their natural resources and etc… what a load of bull… Your city is turning into like Metro Manila.. Dirty and Tainted, surely your officials will be like officials in Metro Manila.. I dont know about the Mayor of Davao, I know he ruled with an Iron Fist, I'm always impressed of your ways and your principle and wishing that you can be once a President of your Country. But after seeing those flood, every year it goes higher an inch or so even a foot for some areas. This is very alarming. Maybe you're sitting in your chair at a high leveled house doesn't mind about anything as long as your city is peaceful.. But let me tell you, Flood will be your worst enemy.. As long as you don't do anything about it. Don't rely too much on your caliber.. Because there is an instance where the world was restarted by the means of flooding.. What i mean is.. the people of Davao City may change their perspective as the time passes.. I always believe in the clan of the Dueterte. I highly respected the father. Remember its actually 404 areas. thats way too much. So do what you can do. I dont want you out of the league. The silence of your people doesnt mean that its ok because most of them think about the HIGH TIDE>>>????? The people of Davao City are good people and I know they want to support you. Thats why dont take too long to fix this. Let that 404 areas decrease.

  3. The government I believe is doing all it can to do too many things. What should be done is people stop whining and start doing something specially with rubbish all over the place! Blaming the government is just too convenient. The people should react, that is not complain but be be proactive and do something!

  4. Asking questions are really nice thing if you are not understanding something completely,
    but this paragraph presents good understanding even.

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