Prices of dental braces: What does the price depends on?

Prices of dental braces is always a big factor for parents and those who are working to finance themselves to straighten their teeth.

Once you have decided that you or your child need dental braces. You then ask a friend or acquaintances what they paid and how much. You usually receive different answers. Some of them may have done their braces  a long timeago.

Braces are usually paid in installments. Nevertheless, it really would cost thousands of pesos and you have to pay it for a period of time from one year and a half  up to more than two years.
We also have to consider that each dentist has their own price schedule. The price is then determined based on your specific case based on the dentist’s fee schedule. Posting prices of braces on their website or even giving you the price over the phone would not make much sense because each case is different.

Things to consider and factors that influence the price of braces are:


    • the severity and complexity of the orthodontic problem,


  • length of treatment,



  • type of braces,



  • use of additional appliances such as retainers,



  • whether or not oral surgery is needed,



  • expertise of the orthodontist,



  • location of the orthodontist.


The most important at this point is the expertise of the dentist, since the result of the treatment will be more desirable.

When in Davao City, all you need to do is visit:

Ortiz Dental Clinic

101 Maa RD. cor South St.

DBP Village, Matina

Davao City

Tel. # 273-4845

Cel. # 09918-9466719

We can give you the proper and reasonable price for dental braces for you or your kids. We encourage you to visit the clinic so that we can really give you the proper assessment on your case so that we can give you the proper treatment.

We care, because your smile matters!

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  1. Kurt Sanchez says:

    HELLO! I Just wondering if what is the lowest price you can offer for dental braces? Because my budget is P 25k.

  2. tahnee vergara says:

    Hi! what is the lowest price you can offer for dental braces?

  3. april agbones says:

    price for the braces pls? thanks..

  4. kinnasia ranes domegracia says:

    How much your braces cost? Is that affordable?

  5. how much your braces cost?up and down.

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