Sara Duterte: 1st woman Mayor of the Davao City!

Vice Mayor Sara Duterte is officially declared winner after deafeating House Speaker Prospero Nograles for the mayoralty post of Davao City, and becoming the first woman to occupy the post in the city’s history.

Her father, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, also won against his nearest rival, former Mayor Benjamin de Guzman, by a wide margin.

In a post-election interview on live TV, Sara heart fully thanked the people of Davao City for their support and promised to give more social services for the people.

When asked about the Nogralese’s now that the election is over, if there would be a reconciliation with their closest rival in politics.  This is what she said:

“I think they won’t do that, and I am not ready to accept it because with all the threats his group inflicted on me, my husband and my daughter, it is very painful,” she said.

“Dili ko plastic, they are all in my hate list. I hate them because they included my daughter in their dirty tricks and threats,” she said.

She revealed the threats in the form of anonymous text messages  that she received during tha campaign period:

“We know where you live, we know where your family and daughter live.”

Other winners in Davao City’s last election:

Congressman 1st District: Karlo Nograles

Congressman 2nd District: Mylene Garcia

Congressman 3rd District: Rep. Isidro Ungab

Winning councilors of the city’s first, second, and third district in nominal order are the following:

First District:

Wendel Avisado (117,283), Leah Librado (96,768), Emmanuel Galicia (94,178), Edgar Ibuyan (94,140), Melchor Quitain (89,788), Nilo Abellera Jr. (89,7111), Joan Bonguyan (80,976), Pilar Braga (79,617).

Second District:

Louie John Bonguyan (99,492), Dante Apostol (93,856), Arnulfo Cabling (76,284), Tomas Monteverde IV (75,820), Alryan Alejandre (65,421), Marissa Salvador-Abella (63,716), Jimmy Dureza (61,247), April Mari Dayap  (61,185).

Third District:

Karlo Bello (87,830), Rachel Zozobrado (80,666), Myrna Dalodo Ortiz (73,650), Bernard Al-ag (71,494), Jose Villafuerte (70,347), Rene Elias Lopez (61,495), Condrado Baluran (61,158), Victorio Advincula Jr. (57,179)

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  1. Peter M Anstey says:

    Good Afternoon Mayor Duterte ,
    My arrival in Davao City was during the excitement of your elections , and your being elected as Mayor .
    Your "following" had me wanting you to win , a Lady to " do something ", and there is so very much to do !! .
    I have witnessed all the " 3rd world " problems in Davao City , ….Poverty , Poor Education facilities , Non-existant sanitation , corruption and so it goes on !
    BUT , following a business meeting yesterday , where you were spoken of, to me ,very highly of as a Serious Citizen and potential National Minister .I felt that I must highlight the worse thing I have seen as an International Businessman of nearly 40 years .
    A young motor-cyclist seriously injured in an accident on the Diversion Road , outside an Army Depot , near the town center , was left lying in the road without attention , despite many people , including 10 soldiers and police , all standing watching this person struggling to live . I stopped to assist , but was insulted to an extent of my being left to die as well , the traffic went on around this man . I was informed that medical assistance was coming , but it was better to let him die !! The Army people would get a bonus , and the hospital would not have the worry of a " poor dead body " to worry about .
    I tried to find the result of this matter from the local police , but no-one was prepared to offer any answer .
    You have a lot to do within this " american ruined state " , I hope I am still alive to witness your powerfull new influence .
    Yours very respectfully ,

  2. Please mayor do some action for the traffic cause by abreeza mall. 1st day it took me two hours travel from C.M. Recto St. to Buhangin. Nonfunctional traffic light! what's the used of it? Traffic aid can worsen the traffic. Is there no other way for abreeza's entrance and exit? Please please please need urgent solution. Its time consuming and hassle. Whole day at work 2 hours travel sayang Its only the time i can spend with my family.Hope you will understand. Only commuters suffer this. Private vehicles can have there own way. How about us? We have no choice. Only you can make the best solution for us. Thanks!

  3. Donald Corbin says:

    Mrs. Mayor,
    I am writting to you after visiting your city. I did enjoy my stay there and found it to be a much nicer place then Manila.
    However I did encounter some dishonest persons who reside there. I met a Nora Mosquera on an online dating service. she seemed like a very nice girl and when she said she needed money to graduate from Nursing school in Davao I decided to help her in which I sent her somehwere around $250.00 us dollars then she needed some more money for graduation which I again sent in the same amount. Then she needed some money to visist her mother which I also sent. I planned my trip there and had trouble getting my card to pay for an inter philippine ticket so I sent her the money so she could purchace my ticket. Well her auntie was then of course "convieniently" stabbed and she said she used my money because they would not admit a stabbing victim to the hospital with out money. I did not believe her so I asked her to send me a picture of her auntie in the hospital. She sent several pictures of different people in the hospital and their hair had been "photoshopped" to make it appear to be black. It looked like a 5th grader had done this. She clainmed her cousin Miriam Magno had sent them to me. All the while, I still planned to visist her and see if she was really an honest person and mixed up with a bad cousin. As it turns out when I arrived in Davao she would not answer her phone the entire time I was there. She knew I was to arrive because I did speak to her the day before I landed there. I was there for one week and she avoided my calls the entire time.
    I am therefore seeking a complaint against her and her cousin for unauthorized use of the funds i sent her for my plane fare to Davao ($250.00 US) again I sent extra money to her so she would have some spending money. She took the money and claimed it was for her auntie and I did not authorize her to spend my money in this fashion. Also I would like you to be aware that she is invloved in schemes to defraud people via the internet of money under false pretense and used money given to her on my behalf in an unauthorized fashion.
    I told her if she did not honor my request to meet her then I would understand that I had been lied to and stolen from, and that I would indeed involve your offices in my hopes to garner some legal action against her, and her cousin who is also involved.
    Again their names are, Nora Mosquera & Miraim Magna.
    I would sincerely appreciate that you look in to this matter and develope any kind of prosecution that you are able.
    I would like to revisit your city again very soon as I did enjoy my stay there, and I would greatly appreciate it, if you would do some thing in regards to these persons conducting criminal behaviour in your city.
    Thank you for yout time in this matter,
    Donald Corbin

    • Mr. Corbin,

      Even though this accident had been way too long, i wanted to say sorry for the experience you’ve encountered. After reading your story, I was angry at the people who had taken advantage of your kindness. It’s not unusual to hear such stories because not only in Davao but also other places globally have such experience but in a different extremity. These people’s only purpose is to get money from other people to satisfy what they need. Take it as robbery, dishonesty, cheating and lies but you cannot take the fact that sometimes people become like this because of this purpose – whatever it is. I am not taking their side but I understand their purpose somehow. However, I also resent them because, I, myself, became a victim…almost. I was really touched of your benevolent kindness to these people just to help them in their problems and financial burdens. There are only few people just like you who would help people wholeheartedly even though you don’t know them. It’s so sad that those people you wish to help would just fool you. I once tried looking work abroad (UK) and found one as nanny. But in the end of our conversation (thru email), they asked money from me as payment for fees. I knew then that they were fraud. They almost got me when they told me about the benefits i would be getting. I was really tempted. Fortunately, I got a way out. So now, I make sure that I won’t be cheated again. I checked online jobs from time to time that permits me not to pay any fees. We work hard to give our family a decent life and not to be cheated and deceived.
      But you know what, through this online communication, i found a real friend too. We may be worlds apart but we are true to ourselves and until today, we are like sisters to each other. She sends me money because she knew my status and I tell her how grateful I am to her. I spent every money she gave to my family because that’s what it meant for. I believe in karma and I believe in God. Even though I can’t pay her kindness that much but sincere friendship is what I can best offer.
      I’m not in the position to give you advice but only words to be remember. Don’t just be rush in helping people especially if what they need is only money. Some people are true but many are not. We are only human. Still, share the blessings you have right now. Pray for those people you have helped that they will be nourished of love and grace. Be keen to people you want to help. I admire people like you because you are not selfish.
      Hope you still continue helping others despite everything you have experiences. I hope those people who deceived you will realize that they wasted their opportunity for a lifetime friendship (possibly). I say, hope you can come back to Davao again to enjoy the city’s finest treasures – people and culture.

  4. reynaldo says:

    good day mayor. taga manila po ako. napanood kopo sa news ang nangyari sa pananapok nyo sa sherrif ng inyong lunsod. diko po sinasabi na tama ang inyong ginawa. dami ng comment dito sa maynila. pero sa ganang akin sa paliwanag nyo sa media na pati sa judge naki usap kayo. para sa akin may dahilan ang pananakit nyo sa sherrif. kaya naman pala napaka ganda ng bayan ng davao at sumusunod sa batas ang mga taga davao ay maganda ang pamama lakad ng mga duterte. sana maka pag silbi sa metro manila iusa man sa mga duterte ng sa ganon mawala na ang carnaping, holdapan, mga kaskaserong bus driver at mga tumatawid sa bawal. dito kasi mga namumuno nasa city hall lang. walang aksyon. kung isa sa mga duterte mamumuno rito sigurado ko titino metro manila. kulang sa sapak mga tao rito kaya ayaw sumunod sa bataS… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MEYOR INDAY DUTERTE. sana ma meet ko kayong mag ama someday IDOL NA IDOL KO KASI FATHER MO SI MAYOR DUTERTE… god bless po

  5. LITO DUMAN-AG says:

    solid supporters of mayor inday sarah…..god bless

  6. mauricio mañas says:

    Grabe naman itong Mayor na ito!!! Nanuntok sa harap ng camera!!! Wow!!! Purihin natin sya!!! Whatever would be her reason, mali pa rin ang kanyang ginawa!!!! Pwe!!!

  7. mas ok n ren n sinapak n mayor, kisa may n matay s pang yayari… cguro kong may nangyaring patayan bk sabihin nyo p n saan b ang mayor ng davao bakit hnd inasikaso yan.. subukan nyong tumira s davao para malaman nyo kong gaano k ganda ang davao. kompara s ibang lugar dito s filipinas… basta kaming taga davao love namin ang manga duterte,

  8. The Davao Mayor, the Sheriff, and the Rule of Law | Third Wave says:

    […] July 1st evening news became so disturbing because of the video clips that show how Davao Mayor Sarah Duterte was beating up a sheriff who enforced a demolition order. It looked very inhuman, very demeaning. I […]

  9. Nico Mongcal says:

    it's not appropriate for a woman (especially of a higher figure, a MAYOR to be exact, to just do "kalye-influenced" acts.. you should have slapped him to show it's more feminine, not punching him like you do not even know that it is wrong. you have a point but still, you have injured a person.

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