Masao Beach, Mati , Davao Oriental!

Want to discover nice place to spend this summer?
Wanna try something new and not so crowded and a place where the sea is at it’s calmest. Try going to Mati, Davao Oriental and try Masao Beach Resort. It is located inside Pujada Bay hence the beach is calm with very subtle wave.

More pictures after the jump.

When you enter the resort this is what’s going to greet you.

And their famous statue of a mermaid good for photo oppurtunity.

The sea as I said before is very calm.

And in summer nights you can also enjoy having a dip under the moon.

And Mornings are glorious to wake up to.

This is how it looks from afar.

This is what makes this place unique, you can rent one of their cottages or rooms on the resort. But it is advisable for you to just visit the place, stay the whole day and bring your own food. The time we were there we stayed for two days and they have a restaurant that offers a very limited menu. And even if you are going to order just a fried egg it takes them an hour before they are served that goes with the other orders too. Even if they don’t have any other guest the service is really bad. That is why it is advisable to just stay and look at the place and not to stay there at all.
The amenities and rooms of the place is also not very comfortable and sometimes water doesn’t work at all. But all in all the place is nice for swimming and dipping. If you have small kids with you it is also not advisable. If there is high tide there is no place for them to play in the sand since it is under water t and surely they wont enjoy it there.
Going there from Mati City is 15-20 minutes with car and if you don’t have one, only motorcycles go there since the road is not paved.

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  1. GiftstoPhilippines says:

    Davao is a cool place…

  2. cherry morrre says:

    the pictures taken are nice… may i ask if you know the contact number of the masao office. we would love to visit there nest week.. hope you can help us .. thanks

  3. Sorry I lost their contact #, I was there 2 years ago. I'm sure they still have a lot of rooms for you there. It is not peak season right now.

    Enjoy your stay ther!

  4. way au…thats not the best of mati………….

  5. melanie roxas says:

    wow so nice in masao,,hope i have an american friends i want to tour there and i dream masao yo come back again so nice and not dangerous place..

  6. pearly jane reyes says:

    i would like to ask..of how to get a reservation in masao beach resort and what number to contact?

  7. mel santos says:

    my family was one of your guest last April 21-22. Masao Beach is a wonderful place, I enjoy much picking shells together with the folks, however lot of dismay happened during our stay, successive brown outs, no fresh water as always in the c.r., lack of accommodations, lack of foods in the so called foodhouse, ground personnel burns waste (leaves and plastics) is being done before the guest open cottages, guest at the cottages down the sea were uncontrolled to spit, urinate, throw plastic waste around the beach water.

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