Green Passports are still valid up to it’s expiration date!

There have been a lot of inquiries that the Department of Foreign Affairs received from OFW’s regarding the old green passport. Since the new machine readable passports are being issued right now and the old green passports are being phased out, they are worried that the green passport will only be valid up to 2010.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Thursday announced that green passports are still valid until their expiration date and there is no truth to the rumor at all.

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  1. good day,just wanted to know about passport renewal.i have green passport,it will expire on sept'2011 but dont any pages for visa stamp if i travel,can i renew this year 2009 even if the expiration will be on 2011?then can get the new one MRP? instead of green one? THANKS…

  2. Your passport is still valid you can have it renewed 6 months before it will expire.

  3. I am an OFW visiting the philippines for 1 month, can i still use my green passport to travel after one month? (will expire on Feb 2010(less than six months).

  4. Yes you can still use it in coming to the but if you are going out of the country ask the embassy of the country if they will still allow you back if your passport will expire in less than 6 months.

  5. good day..i have a question…if my passport will expire in april 2011 can i renew it?my reason..i need to change my picture,signature in my it is a valid reason?

  6. You can renew your passport 6 months before it will expire! Earlier than that you should ask the DFA about it!

  7. hi.i have a green passport and im planning to go to australia next year(2010).the expiration date is on 2012.I heard some issues that it depends upon the embassy if they will accept my green passport.Can i still be able to use my green passport??

  8. Surely you can still use your passport until year 2012

  9. Planning On Going Home To The Philippines This November Validity Of My Philippines Passport Is Less Than 6 Months. My passports Validity Is On Feb 2010. Will The Airport Halt My Departure?

    Help me out please im planning on staying at the philippines
    for two months to renew my passport since i don't have time to renew it here in the US.

  10. You can still travel here and renew your passport. Good luck!

  11. hi, i will be going on a trip to thailand by end of january 2010 for 5 days. my passport, the green one will expire on june 2010, my concern is do i really need to renew my passport since its less than 6 months valid? thanks.

  12. you can still use your passport but have it renewed as soon as you have the time!

  13. rosemarie apaga says:

    hi, my passport will expired on january 2011 but i renew my contract and working permit on march 2010, can i renew my green passport before i renew my contract to get a working visa for a period of time till i get my PR? thank you. God bless!!!

  14. You can try and ask the DFA if it is possible. Good Luck!

  15. Hi, please help me!

    I just want to know if I can still use my passport without its 6 months validity? coz it will expire at the end of march 2010 and im planning to go home in our country (philippines) in march 2. im planning to renew in the philippines while im there. please help me! thank u very much. :)

  16. You can till use your passport in going home, But you cannot use it in any other country anymore. So be here before your passport expires.
    Good Luck!

  17. here in canada ryt now as a skilled worker and planning to have a trip going to US this May. My passport is the green filipino passport expiring on 2013. Is it still valid in US or do i have to get the machine readable one?


  18. Hi! can I still use my green passport 15 days before its expiration date? please help, thanks!

  19. I have a question in mind, sir i have a concern about my passport because its the old green one and the seal of the binding burst and i dont know if its is still valid to use for travel to australia.. thanks

  20. Hi! i just want to know, should i really changed my green passport before i go to the US? it will be expiring on Nov 2010..Should i change it now or is green passport still allowed in the US?

  21. It is still valid up to its expiry, but if you want to you can get a new one already to be sure!

  22. thanks a lot!!

  23. hello! I jaz want to ask how much the passport fee for getting a new applicant passport as of march 2010,is it same fee If i will get here on San Fernando Pampanga,hoping for your responce..tnx a lot admin…..

  24. Isabel malabonga says:

    hi! what if this APril 2010 they will issue me a green passport. im planning to go to singapore for my OJT this April. will the Immigration in singapore accept me?

  25. our family is planning to visit some asian country this june 2010.
    And I am a green passport holder which expires on May 2012, can I still use my green passport for Asian Country?
    Because, I heard that some country are now not ACCEPTING old green passports.
    Hope you can help me. Thanks

  26. No more green passports are issued anymore!

  27. ive been reading the comments and i think my question has been answered. but i still want to get a response to confirm because were so worried and my aunt is getting depressed already. here's the issue, my aunt is in germany, she's a filipino citizen, and will be traveling back here on may 23rd. her passport will expire on june 27th this year. she called the agency where she bought her ticket (a filipina owns the agency) and asked about the validity of her passport. she was told about the 6months validity and told her she cant travel. the filipina called the embassy there (im not really sure), and told the same. ive been trying to reach dfa but no answer thats why im researching. please help. thanks!

  28. Hi, I have just booked my flight to Singapore from June 1-6, 2010. When I was looking for my passport, I found out that it will expire on Oct. 17, 2010. Can I still use it, even if it is only 4 months before it expires?

    Please advise asap.

    Thank you and Godbless!

  29. Call up DFA, or your travel agent usually if you travel abroad you need at least 6 months valid passport!

  30. hi i have a residence visa in Qatar,my daughter and i took our vacation here since february we are planning to go back to qatar in june,but my passport will expire in august 5 2010,will i be able to travel?i have an appointment on july 8 but we needed to flyback before the appointment date given to us and im thinking to have it renew in qatar. :( TIA

  31. pauline says:

    hi! i have a new passport green color,i just want to ask if i can use it,am going to england

  32. as long as it is valid you can still use it.

  33. good day. i have a green passport and i'm leaving tomorrow for macau. i just noticed that it will expire on july 2010 (i thought it was 2011). can i still use it tomorrow leaving for macau? i will only stay there for 2 days.

  34. yilmas24 says:

    See article below, my concern is that I have a green passport. Article below states that other countries has the right not to accept the green passport. Is there a list of countries that are not accepting green passports?

    The current green passports can indeed be used until their validity dates but the risk is that by 2010, some countries have the prerogative not to accept the green passport as a valid travel document.

    Take note that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) require all member states to issue machine readable passports no later than April 2010. This means that after April 2010, other countries can decide not to accept into their borders any foreigner who holds a passport that is not machine readable.

  35. Sir,

    I tried the DFA appointment system for passport renewal and the schedule I got was Sept. 15, 2010, but I would be leaving this August, my passport has expired last May 2010, would it be possible if I renew in the Pampanga DFA office for faster processing?


  36. Im going to travel in singapore by december this year and im holding a green passport which will expire on april 7, 2011. If Im goin'to renew my passport on october this year, how long would it take for me to get the renewed passport? I'm currently working in jeddah, saudi arabia. Is it the machine readable already? thanks a lot!

  37. It is better to go to the DFA office than using their online service. For a much faster transaction than online which has a 2-3 months before your passport will be issued.

  38. If you are in the Philippines it is much faster to go directly to the DFA it will take less than a week to renew your passport but since you are abroad , online application will take more that 2 months to process.

  39. hi..i'll be going in thailand on aug.21-24, green passport will expire on MARCH 2011..can i still use it?thanx

  40. Sure you can! Have a nice holiday!

  41. Hi,

    I know my concern is similar to some of the posts above, but I just want to be doubly certain. My mom intends to travel with us to Singapore on July 3-6, and she just informed me now that her passport is due to expire on December 30, 2010. Can she still travel with us?

    Thanks in advance!

  42. can i still use my green passport? i have 45 days vacation from qatar and im leaving this coming august,do i still use my green passport but it will expire on this coming november 2010

  43. thunder says:

    im going to qatar on august 2010 for employment 2 years ccontract and my passport will be expired on june 2011 can i renew my passport before i leave? please need some advice.


  44. leaving on the 15th of july 2010 but my passport will expire on aug 9,2010,can i just renew it in Qatar?thanks.

  45. Better apply for a new one, you can still use your passport until it expires but I don't know if Qatar is willing to let you in!

  46. You can still use your passport and still got time to have it renewed 6 months before it expires in the country where you will work!

  47. aimee sta. ana says:

    hi, im leaving on july 10,2010, but my pass port expire this coming july 12, 2010..can i still use my pass port..thanks

  48. leaving on the 10th of july 2010 but my passport will expire on july 12,2010,can i just renew it in jeddah k.s.a.?thanks.

  49. Hi..Im working in UAE and im going for vacation to philippines this feb 25 2011.My passport will expire April 11, 2011.Im planning to renew it when im in philippines. Is it ok or do i need to renew it here?

  50. hi!im leaving on march 5,2012 to singapore,and i havent renewed my passport,it will expire on august 17 2012,it is still valid?

  51. Hi just want to ask if i can still use my passport,it will expire on may 2012.,i am booked for a tour ing hongkong this april 3-6 2012.,can i still use it

  52. Im in saudi arabia and Im going back to the philippines on april 5 but my passport already expired last mar 5, 2012 is it still possible to travel? Will they stop me in the immigration? Btw im a filipino.

    • If you are in Saudi Arabia right now they will not allow you to leave their country not unless you have a valid passport.


    iam ofw in saudi arabia. planning to go vacation in manila this coming dec. 3, 2012 can i use my green passport and it will expire on jan. 6, 2013.

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  54. hi, i’m going back to saudi arabia on october 31, 2013 and my passport will expire on April 2014. can i still travel outside the country?


    • U can still travel outside the country until your passport expires.

      • thank u for the info. i have a. brown passport, will they still allow me in the immigation to go back to saudi arabia if my passport is less than 6 months on validity.

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